Ground Mount

AET is known for the high quality engineering and cost-competitiveness of its ground mount products. We design and manufacture ground mount, inverter and ballast solutions to fit all major solar modules and inverters available on the market, and our products offer industry-leading installation time. A full layout and loading analysis is provided for every project.

See more about our high quality ground mount solutions below:

Rayport-G ECO Ground Mount Solution

The Rayport-G ECO is one of the original products in AET’s ECO range. AET’s ECO range focuses on achieving cost savings for developers and EPCs while maintaining the quality and function of each product. The key is innovation and AET’s engineers design each product to be functional, lightweight, durable, strong, easy to install and a cost-effective mounting solution.

Rayport-G ECO Ground Mount Dealer Kit

AET’s network of distributors is now fully stocked with Rayport™-G ECO Ground Mount Dealer Kits. These innovative kits include pre-engineered drawings with BOM’s and provide accurate guidance on the number of posts based on site-specific wind and snow loads. Installers and EPCs have the ability to purchase right off the shelf for their commercial or residential project needs, saving time and ensuring a quick turnaround for their customers.