Rooftop Solar Mounting Systems

AET is known for the high quality engineering and cost-competitiveness of its roof top products. We design and manufacture ballast and pitched roof solutions to fit all major solar modules and offer industry-leading installation time. A full layout and loading analysis is provided for every project.

See more about our high quality mounting solutions below.

Rayport-B ECO Roof Ballast System

AET’s Rayport-B™ ECO roof ballast system is quickly becoming the industry standard for EPCs and developers looking for racking products that are easy to assemble and install and cost-competitive.

Rayport-B Roof Ballast System

The ONLY stainless steel roof ballast system on the market, AET’s RAYPORT ™ · B solar rack is designed to minimize installation time and cost.

Rayport-P Pitched roof solution

AET’s Pitched Roof PV Rail system is its solution for pitched roofs – it is the quickest to assemble on the market and fits all major solar modules.

Rayport-I Inverter mounting solution

AET’s Rayport I is the first product of its kind, providing installers with a secure, ballasted mounting solution for storing and positioning inverters on solar installation sites.